Salvi AE, Donini MT, Campochiaro G, Corona M, Dakovic I. Tunis Med. 2011 Apr;89(4):320-5.


Epicondilites are pathologies poorly understood from the aetiopathogenetic point of view. In this regard, many hypotheses have been considered and numerous anatomical structures are involved. Current therapeutic options are either conservative or surgical. Conservative treatments are: immobilization of the elbow flexed at 90-degrees, stretching the forearm muscles, manipulating the wrist, the application of low-energy extracorporeal shock waves, acupuncture, autologous blood injection under the extensor carpi radialis brevis, laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Surgical treatments are: fasciotomy, excision of angiofibroblastic hyperplasias located at the origin of extensor carpi radialis brevis, partial release of the orbicular ligament, release of the extensor muscles, elongation of the tendon of extensor carpi radialis brevis and arthroscopic treatment. Advantages and disadvantages are described for each treatment according to the international literature.

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